Porter Ray Watercolors

I've probably mentioned Porter Ray’s name more times and in more articles than any other artists that I’ve written about.

Remember when I said the modern artists drops several projects in a year and I used the number six? I think Porter Ray is at that number. I heard Fundamentals first, went back and copped Blk Gld, Wht Gld, & RS Gld. Then you have Nightfall, I wrote about Electric Rain here, and now we have Ray’s Sub Pop debut Watercolor. It hasn’t been all in one year, but the only person that I can think of that’s close to his level of productivity is Michael Christmas.

The first thing that caught my attention about Ray is his beat selection is impeccable. Song after song knocks, or it’s smooth, or it’s cool, but they are always good. Ray doesn’t rap over nothing wack.

The second thing that stood out was Ray’s voice. Look, I’m forty plus, I grew up in the days of bass-filled Rappers’ voices. Sure, there were exceptions — Easy E, The Beasties, Cypress Hill, but outside of them, if you weren’t a child, you came to the mic with bass. Had my brother Alaor Khadir not broke down the barrier as he sold me on K Dot (before he became Kendrick), there’s no way I would have been able to listen to Porter Ray. And what a lost that would have been.

In a recent interview, Ray talked about becoming comfortable with his voice, a challenge most humans have to face — which is made that much tougher when you’re a Rapper. But if you got lyrics like Ray, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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